In the Shetlands we saw many more Cormorants.
One day we visited the Ukrainian research station. The harbor where our ship was supposed to stop was filled with ice so
it parked outside the harbor and we hiked a half mile through snow to the research station where the Ukrainians gave us
a nice tour. We visited the "famous" bar where we purchased a strait Vodka. We passed up the opportunity to visit the
"southern most curio shop in the world."
One of the nice aspects of
traveling on a small
Russian research ship was
that we were allowed on
the Bridge 24 hours a day.
The gentleman standing
was the captain. He was
very friendly and he and
his crew were most
competent in getting us to
our many locations.
In order to visit most sites, we had to take Zodiacs for beach landings. On this particular day, the wind had picked up
significantly. On the way back to our ship we were frequently bathed in a salt water spray.

Below, and Adele checks out our ship, the Professor Multanovskiy.