One of the amusing things about our trip was the destinations that were considered
tourist worthy. The waterfall to the left is the tallest waterfall in Mongolia and
Mongolians will come a great distance to see it. Any natural phenomenon is
considered sacred in Mongolia, thus the blue scarves in the top portion of the picture
to the right of the water fall.

Even if we were not impressed by some of these sights, we did not have to look far for
things that did inspire us.

Close to the waterfall was a beautiful gorge carved out by the river and lined with
tamarack trees. And everywhere there were the people and their animals.
From the Gobi to the north, herders live in their Gers. Normally, the roaming area is not more than fifteen or twenty
miles. Throughout Mongolia, one finds corrals built on the south side of the mountains facing south to protect the
animals in the  brutal winter.
As one moves
north, one
encounters the
tamarack tree
growing on the
The corral above is in the north, and the one below is in the Gobi. Both places are extremely cold in the winter.
A Grand Waterfall and Corrals
Pee Break