Costa Rica 2015

with Jackie and Elston Hill
This was a kickback trip to Costa Rica. We only stayed at two lodges for eight nights plus two nights in San Jose.

This was a good strategy. We had good wildlife encounters. We did not waste time traveling between multiple destinations
which maximized our wildlife experiences. Staying longer in one location gave us the time to observe behaviours of the wildlife.

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We spent five of our ten nights in Costa Rica at Bosque de Paz high in the mountains north of San Jose. This is a small place
with only ten units. Wonderful staff. Great service and food. But the most spectacular thing about this lodge is the setting and
the miles of trails in the forest. This area gets 240 inches of rain a year. We had lots of rain in the afternoon but never got wet
and the trails were never muddy. At night you will hear the roar of the waterfalls as you sleep. We got up early--out by 5:45
a.m. for the wildlife. An amazing place. We highly recommend.
A significant motivation for this trip was that Alaska Airlines began service to Costa Rica in November 2015. With our Alaska
Airlines credit card, we each get an annual $99 companion fare. So Jackie flew to Costa Rica from Seattle for $99 plus $100 in
taxes in fees. If you have a companion fare, use it to go to Costa Rica before they change the rules and restrict it to domestic