Other wildlife and plants at Bosque de Paz, Costa Rica
There were lots of Black Guan in the early morning and late afternoon. The sun rose at 5:40 a.m. and set at 5:20 p.m.
American Dipper
Lady Bugs
Yigüirro, Costa Rica's national bird
Central American Agouti
Blue Gray Tanager
Black Guan
Black Guan eating berries.
Central American Agouti
Central American Agouti
Boat Billed Flycatcher
Yellow-thighed Finch
Morpho Butterfly
Nearby waterfall at Catarata Del Toro--300 feet high.
Cathedral and square at Pueblo Nuevo
The town of Pueblo Nuevo
This bug was much smaller than a fingernail.
Look at this dipper's head under water getting food.
The next pictures are plants and waterfalls on the paths around the lodge.
One of the several men maintaining the garden and trails at the lodge.
Reflections in pond.
Yellow-thighed Finch
American Dipper
Black Phoebe  having breakfast.
Red bananas--usually not edible by humans.