Costa Rica 2016

with Jackie and Elston Hill
This was our trip in November 2016 to Costa Rica. A nine day trip with visits to two lodges, one near sea level and the other at
7,000 feet.

This was still the rainy season. A good time to go to Costa Rica. There are less tourists, better rates, more frogs, and
migratory birds. The afternoon rains did nothing to detract from our visit.

Below are links to the various pages for our trip. Or, click the first link and at the bottom of each page there is a link to the next
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We spent nine days in Costa Rica at two lodges. We booked through Holbrook Travel with Fran Whitlock.  The trip included
transportation to and between the lodges as well as private guided nature tours at both hotels and all meals. The lodges were
very nice and included all meals. The meals at Savegre Hotel were over the top. The total cost for all our arrangements in
Costa Rica was $2650. Savegre Hotel was very quiet. While our room at Selva Verde was also very nice. It was close to a very
noisy highway. It was warm at Selva Verde since it is close to sea level. The temperature at Savegre was very comfortable.
Both lodges have extensive trails. Holbrook Travel gave us a number in the US to call collect in event of any problems.

We flew Alaska Airlines. Using a companion voucher, Jackie flew for $199 round trip from Seattle. Alaska guarantees a credit
for any reduction in price. Using Yapta, I got two credit for price reductions on my fare.

Our guides at both hotels were terrific. Just amazing. They worked very hard to make our trip a success and give us these
phenomenal experiences..

One important discovery we made on this trip is that the rainy season is better than the dry season. There are more frogs,
migrating birds, less crowds, and cheaper accommodations during the rainy season. Also, the light is better for photography
during the rainy season. The Europeans come during the rainy season. The Americans come during the dry season. The rain
is mostly in the afternoon and does not interfere with having a good time.