I hate my COSTCO Lennox heat pump
When we moved to Burien, WA, I did not know the name of any reliable heat and air conditioning installers so we
COSTCO for a heat pump. We purchased the unit in March 2014 and it has never performed properly over
the last four years. We had initial issues with the heat pumps. Finally, one check revealed that the coolant had not been
installed correctly. Technicians came out and removed the coolant and reinstalled it again to the proper standards.

We have three units, but frequently they will not all function at the same time. The unit in the bedroom often does not
work when the units in the kitchen and den are turned on. I was upset over this fact and contacted
Costco twice and got
no response. Finally, I sent a letter to the consumer advocate at the CBS station in Seattle and copied the letter to the
managers of the Costco stores on Fourth Avenue in Seattle and the manager of the Costco store in Tukwila saying that
I was concerned about issues I would have after the one year warranty.

The letter to the consumer advocate provoked a quick response. The owner of the affiliated company that installed the
units called and said that he was personally giving me an extended ten year warranty (with deductible for each visit)..

The problem with all units not functioning at the same time persists. I posted a complaint on the Lennox Facebook page
and was contacted by Lennox. They sent out technicians and they took tests to send back to headquarters but nothing
came of those tests. This is not an issue with operator control. I leave the heat pump in the bedroom on constantly. But
when I turn on both the other units, it often stops working until I turn off one or both of the other units. All units are set to
heat at the same time.

So, here we are four years later regretting our purchase through Costco. We like Costco, but we will never go to them
again for anything that we do not buy off their shelves. The customer service and guarantee is great for off the shelf
stuff, but not for installation services.  And friends tell me that I should have bought Hitachi for reliability.

Elston Hill, Burien WA  February 25, 2018