People of the DPRK
On this page we are photos we took of
people in the DPRK.

The woman at the right is wearing the
traditional Korean dress. Everywhere we
went, in restaurants, museums, hotels,
and other places, the women greeting us
were always dressed beautifully in this
type of dress. No two dresses were ever
Because it was a holiday, there were lots of women in traditional dress on the streets. Note that everyone has a pin with the portrait
of the leaders.
The bicycle is second only to foot power as a mode of transportation in the DPRK.
We saw a number of young artists in the parks.
This mother asked Jackie to take a picture of her with her child.
some men having a barbecue in the park.
We hiked up to a park with a waterfall where we met this man in a brown suit. He runs a bean factory. He had a bus and this big
trailor which he had used to bring his employees to the falls for a picnic.
On the day of the celebration of the Labor Party, there was a delay because of weather. The larger tour groups got stuck on buses
having picnic lunches. Our guides took us to this little restaurant under the department store where we hung out with locals. This is
the bartender in her bartender uniform. She is a licensed bartender.
After lunch, we went up and walked through the department store which looked very much like the department stores my parents
took me to in the early fifties.
Traffic Lady
This is the way all street sweeping is done in the DPRK. Streets are immaculate.
One morning we visited a collective farm.
Harvesting rice with a sickle.
Keeping the dirt roads nice and clean.
The head of the collective farm.
One of the farm houses
Inside a farm house.
They meant for us to sit on the sofa, but of course, I wanted to sit on the floor to have the light behind me. Our guide Pak on the left
and Kim on the right.
We show them pictures of our family and home.
Then I teach a little photography.
Almost all harvesting and road side grass maintenance is done with a sickle. We saw only one tractor in use during many hours on
the road in farming areas. Even in the countryside, everyone was well dressed.  
And finally, a few children on the street.