More Dempster
A challenge through mud
The further we drove, the muddier it got. Finally, I could tell that the car was sliding a lot and we mostly stayed in the tracks in
the center as all the road was squishy.
The road finally got very challenging, but nothing beyond our
Subaru. After an hour of nasty mud, we met a motorcyclist in
the road. He asked us about the road, and we suggested he
turn back. He told us he had spilled twice. It was definitely not a
day for motorcycles.
We finally arrived at the ferry
to cross the MacKenzie. It
was delayed taking on fuel,
but after an hours wait we

To our surprise there were a
number of swallows nesting
in the ceiling of the ferry.
They flew in and out not
bothered that their house
was a houseboat.
Even though the ice had broken over two months ago, there was dirty ice
piled up on the banks where we boarded the ferry.
We saw beaver ponds and a number of birds including this Greater

To our surprise, the road now turned dusty as there had been little
rain on the last sixty miles of the road. Over half the vehicles we saw
on the Dempster were highway service vehicles such as this one
bringing more gravel.
About six p.m.(after adjusting for an hour loss for a change in time zone), we arrived in Inuvik. We knew we were there when
we passed the Inuvik Airport and the road became paved. Driving into Inuvik, we were once again saw Inuvik's most famous
building, the Catholic Church built to look like an igloo.