The Dempster Continued
The burned areas continue above the Arctic Circle. The forests have become much more susceptible to forest fires with global
warming. As temperatures warm, the pine beetle flourishes killing the trees and making them vulnerable to forest fires. (I think
we have reached the point where most people recognize that global warming is a fact. Some are still in denial as to the human
connection, much as they were for decades about the connection between tobacco and lung cancer.)
Ironically, even as the southern part of the US suffered an unprecedented heat spell, the Northwestern part of the continent
was wet and cool.  Consequently, there was not a lot of fall colors on the Dempster. One person wrote me to inform me that it
was too early for fall. What she did not realize is that fall comes to the Arctic around mid August.
This grizzly was about a quarter mile from us.
Eventually he realized that something suspicious was in the vicinity and stood up to sniff and look and then, despite his
enormous size,  take off.
This was some lichen in the woods near the Eagle Plains Hotel (some left over prefab buildings from when they constructed
the highway some thirty years ago.)
Everything is miniature in the Arctic. Trees a few feet tall can be hundreds of years old. Pine cones are very small.
Wild roses grow north of the Arctic Circle as evidenced by the rose hips.
The bottom of a rainbow.
When I started taking pictures of this grizzly on our last morning at Eagle Plains, he was not that close.
Bears seem to roam in a certain direction, and this one roamed in our direction and kept getting closer with nothing sinsister in
As he climbed on to the road near our car, I decided it would be prudent to abandon my camera and tripod and get into the car.
Jackie took this picture moments later out the back window.
As he ambled on down the road and then down the shoulder, I got back out and got another picture.
To my uneducated eye, this bird looks like a grouse.
The next pictures were taken on the Dempster Highway on our way back to Dawson on the Dempster Highway.