Last summer we saw a different Whitehorse, one that was all green. This time we took a rental car around the highways
outside Whitehorse and were impressed with the beauty of the area in winter.
Around Whitehorse in the Winter

Burning Away the Winter Blues
The most unusual experience in Whitehorse was the Burning
Away the Winter Blues Festival on March 21. Burning Away the
Winter Blues is an annual event in Whitehorse, but it was a
much more meaningful this year as Whitehorse had a record
amount of snow this last winter. Usually, there would be four or
five inches of snow on the ground, but this year there is an
average of 1 1/2 feet. The wildlife are struggling to move
around and find food.

We arrived at the staging area at 8:00 p.m. to see Old Man
Winter standing in the Snow.

There were many young people dressed in costume for this
Some French speaking drummers
provided the music, a rhythmic
pagan beat.
As the parade moved out, participants numbered in the hundreds. The drum beat got louder and faster After several
kilometers we arrived in the woods at the biggest bon fire I have ever seen. Old Man Winter danced around the fire.
There was even a dragon dancing around the fire!
The crowd chanted, Burn, Burn, Burn. And then
Old Man Winter was thrown into the fire and
burned in a big flame.
After three full days in Whitehorse, we were
met by our guide Christoph for our journey
up the Dempster and the Ice Road. The first
day we went from Whitehorse to Dawson, a
330 mile drive on a paved road covered with
ice and snow.

For quite awhile, we passed this area where
a fire burned ten years ago. There was still
little evidence of the forest coming back as it
usually takes about 70 years for these small
trees to make a comeback.
Our journey to Dawson City took
us along the Yukon River, the
second longest river in North

About one-third of the way to
Dawson, we got to the Five
Finger Rapids, the challenging
place for river boats in the days
when river boats traveled
between Whitehorse and
Dawson City.

Late that afternoon, we arrived
at Dawson City (below) where we
stayed the night. Christoph
drove us across the Yukon to
the Top of the World Highway
where I took this picture of
Dawson City.
On our way to dinner that night with
temperatures below zero Fahrenheit,
we saw these students playing kick ball
wearing snow shoes!