Dempster Highway in Winter, Day 2
March 23, 2009
Note the blowing snow in the mountains.
When we got to the tricky area in the Richardson Mountains, the winds had died down, and the highway crew had
plowed through the snow drifts from the night before. With temperatures below minus 20 F., and wind blowing much of
the time, we usually did not get out of the cab for long.
Curiously, we did
not see many
trucks on the
highway although
we did notice at
the Eagle Pass
truck stop that
there seemed
more traffic at
night than during
the day time.
We saw more

On our second day,
we crossed two ice
bridges, the smaller
one being the Peel
At the Mackenzie River we stopped to drive through the hamlet of Tsiigehtchic.
About thirty minutes from Inuvik we
passed this vehicle, evidence of
the fact that one should not drive
fast in this part of the world where
help is far and temperatures are
very cold

At the end of Day 2 on the Dempster, we arrived at Inuvik. Here is Jackie standing in front of the Igloo shaped Catholic
The next morning when we left Eagle Plains, there were blizzard warnings for the Richardson Mountains and it was
uncertain whether we would make it to Inuvik. An hour into the drive to Inuvik, we reached the Arctic Circle.