Mushing Dogs
March 27, 2009
On two of our Arctic paddling trips which involved taking bush planes from Inuvik, we stayed at the Arctic Chalet in
Inuvik. Once again this year we stayed at the Arctic Chalet. This time we were there in the winter and were able to take
advantage of the opportunity to mush dogs at the Arctic Chalet.

Below, Jackie mushing her team of dogs.
This is me with my team of dogs followed by a volunteer assistant to the owner.
Below, we pose with Judi who with her husband own the Arctic Chalet. Judi gave us our instructions and then led us on
an hour dog mushing route. Judi is terrific at teaching people like us the basics of dog sledding.
After the dog sledding, Christoph took us to the Inuvik airport. He had checked earlier in the morning and our plane had
taken off only a few minutes late for Dawson on its way to Inuvik. However, when we got to the airport we found out the
airplane had turned around at Dawson due to weather and it was uncertain whether it would get to Inuvik. Likewise, the
Dempster was closed so Christoph could only be sure of driving the first couple hours of the trip south. Fortunately, our
plane arrived five hours late and the road opened when Christoph got to Fort McPherson.

While we were waiting in the Inuvik airport, Jackie met these Inuit women and asked to take their picture.
As I sit here in our hotel room in Vancouver before driving home tomorrow, I got this e-mail from Christoph.

"I just got home a few hours ago. On Friday I got through the Richardson Mountains, but it was a challenging drive in
blowing snow. Saturday morning was slow-go too to start with, further down the Dempster I had exceptionally nice
weather and made it to Dawson early evening. Today Dawson - Whitehorse was an easy drive on mostly dry roads."

And just now at home, I got another message from Christoph:

" I forgot to tell you the 'highlight' of my journey back: I got in a police speed check ON the McKenzie River ice bridge.
Not knowing that the speed limit is 20 km/h (12 mph), the officer didn't like that I was going 53 km/h (31 miles). Good
thing he was in  a positive mood and let me go without a ticket"

If you would like to do the trip we did, this is the link to Christoph and Andrea's web site:

Taiga Journeys
We had only been gone from Whitehorse for five and a half days, but in that time the roads had cleared up
dramatically. Spring is indeed coming.

Our last morning we were greeted by this sunrise over Whitehorse.