The Dolomites, Week1, Selva/Wolkenstein, Val Gardena

Aug 25 to September 1, 2012
Our first week, we stayed at the Hotel Dorfer, hiking in the upper reaches of the Val Gardena/Grodnertal area, near the huge
mountain massifs of the Sella and the Sassolung/Sassopiatta.
This was the view from our hotel.
We used an extensive network of buses, gondolas, and ski lifts to go to the trailheads.
Trail signs indicated time, not distance, to destinations.

Below, the "coffin lifts". Two persons were stuffed in each
coffin, running to get in the car as it passed by.
Day three we rode gondolas to begin our hike.
One of many huts where we had lunch.
Our group hiking up a trail. Occasionally, I liked to give the photos an oil painting effect, particularly on sunny days when the sun
made the rocks look bland.
Day 4 - it starts to get cloudy.
One of the resident wildlife that hung
around a hut at 9000 feet.

Clouds increased still more on day five
With all the grazing and it
being late summer, there were
not a lot of wildflowers.
Day 6 it rained. The rest of the group went to town. Jackie and I rode up the gondola to walk around in the rain a little and look at
wet wildflowers..
Graveyards in the Dolomites were incredibly well maintained with flowers planted at each grave site and candles burning 24 hours
a day.