Week 3, Castelrotto/Kastelruth

September 8 to September 12
The Hotel Goldenes in Kastelruth/Castlerotto on the town square was the most interesting of our lodging places. Supposedly, the
older section of the hotel was built in 1527.
The hotel can be seen on the right behind the church tower on the left.
Our last week was a short hiking week with only three full days of hiking.
The Cabinovia which we took all three days is an amazing Gondola system.  It rises 842 meters in elevation (2762 feet) and is
4132 meters long (13556 feet). Each car can hold 16 people and the system can transport 4000 people an hour.

We used this Gondola system all three days in Castelrotto to get to our hiking trailheads.

Below, some of our Mountaineer group going down to the restroom at the top of the lift.
A woman singing on the trail.
Decor at one of the huts.