Dosewallips State Park
with the Port Ludlow Hiking Group
April 30, 2010
This was a wonderful hike led by Hilda and Michael Cahn. The highlight was a post-hike picnic with salads, dips, quiches,
vegetables, chili, fruit, cookies, and drinks provided by Julia and Ken Blakeney-Smith.  It was an unbelievable feast that the
forty plus hikers will long remember.

Right, the hike leader.
Dancing Dan
Most of these people are transplants from California. Being stuck in traffic is not an issue to them.
The scenery looked vaguely different from the urban environment from which most of these folks came.
Fortunately, if they did get separated from the group there were signs to point them in the right way.
And there were bridges to cross.
The food was great. Jack Sprat licked the platter clean.
There was still one more reward. Coming home we saw the Sequim Elk Herd.
A Great Day!