Our trip to Ecuador including the Galapagos
April 2007
Ecuador is located on the equator. This marker a few miles north of Quito marks the magic line.
Some Galapagos voyages include a few kayaks, but according to Explorers Corner, they are the only ones that include
kayaks and kayaking for all participants. In addition, you get the benefits of a small group and nimble boat. This is not a
trip for those fussy about their accommodations. The right trip for us, but clearly not for everyone.
We had planned to book our trip to the Galapagos through Myths and Mountains until we received the brochure from
Explorers Corner. Myths and Mountains books on a variety of small boats. The smaller the number of pasengers, the
better for quality of experience. Check out the pictures of boat options on this site. We have done two trips arranged by
this company and both were very good.
Myths and Mountains
For incredible birding, go to Tandayapa Bird Lodge. In addition to lodging, for $60 the lodge will provide private transit
to the lodge for the two hour ride from Quito. Also retain the services of a driver and private guide while you are there.
Guides were awesome. Food was wonderfully Ecuadorian and very tasty.
Tandayapa Bird Lodge
You will feel like you are living in luxury at Hacienda Cusin. Very helpful staff. Beautiful grounds. Great rooms.  Food is
ok but lacked the authentic Ecuadorian flavor we found elsewhere. Be sure to take a long horseback ride into the
Hacienda Cusin