Ecuador 2014

Birding with Jackie and Elston Hill

on a Glenn Bartley Birding Trip
The opportunity to travel with Glenn Bartley in Ecuador was something we could not resist. Indeed, Glenn's trips usually
fill up the moment he announces them a year in advance. So we felt fortunate to be included in this trip. Glenn is
regarded one of the world’s top professional photographers in bird portrait photography. Just  pick up a birding
magazine and you will almost certainly find his images.

Most of the trip occurred in the Ecuadorian cloud forest and then on an optional extension in the Amazon at the end of
the trip.

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We highly recommend Glenn Bartley's birding trips. First of all, Glenn is a really nice person. He limits his trips to six
photographers and his focus is entirely on assisting his guest photographers. On our trip, Glenn was accompanied by
Jess Findlay, a young and incredibly talented photographer who has an incredible future ahead. The two of them
worked very very hard in our behalf. The lodging and food was all over the top. This is a link to Glenn's web page:
Glenn Bartley Photo Trips