Elephants at Kruger
The pictures on this page were all taken in the vicinity of Kruger National Park in South Africa. There was more
vegetation there than in Botswana.
In the picture below, you will see the
elephant eating branches. He is eating
the nutritious part just below the bark.

Trees in the elephant world really take a
chewing from elephants.

An elephant's digestive system is not
very efficient. Only 20% of the nutrition is
digested by the elephant leaving the
other nutrients for other animals, birds,
and insects.
Just outside of Kruger National Park, Jackie and I visited the Elephant Sanctuary where we had a marvelous time
touching just about every part of an elephant's anatomy and playing with them.
We touched an elephant's tongue and looked in its mouth at its teeth. An elephant gets new teeth five times. The last
set of teeth come in at about age 55. When those teeth give out, the elephant dies from its inability to feed any more. An
older elephant will remain in grassy areas where the food is softer to eat.
Wait for me mama!