Emperor Penguins
One unusual aspect of our trip was the visits to four Emperor Penguin colonies.

We were close to the end of the season for viewing Emperor Penguins. The Emperors hatch and raise their babies on ice. In
the winter they walk as much as 100 miles on the ice to the sea. The male incubates the egg for several weeks losing 40
pounds while waiting for the female to return. The babies (gray color) were almost raised and many of the adults had already
departed. Very soon the ice would melt and the babies would need to find their own way into the sea.
The parents were in the final phase of feeding their young. From among the tens of thousands of baby penguins scattered over a
wide area, the parents find their own chick and cough up food for the young.
The baby chicks would put up quite a
chatter demanding food from the parent
(above). Every few minutes the parent
would open its mouth (right and below)
to let the baby chick have another