Elephant Seals & Sea Lions

Falkland Islands 2012
Th male Elephant Seals at Sea Lion Island were lying on the beach moulting. I love the Elephant Seals. They are so big--up to
five tons. They mostly nap. And they really don't care if we are there.

Below, Jackie with some Elephant Seals on Sea Lion Island.
Some of the Elephant Seals enjoy lying up next to other seals.
Elephant Seals like to cover themselves with sand when it is sunny.
The one time it is not safe to be close to Elephant Seals is when they are fighting. Sometimes the fighting seems playful.
But looking at the scars on their necks (see above) as well as the blood (below), one realizes that the fighting quickly escalates
to serious.
Our fourth and last visit to the Elephant Seals was dominated by one bully who terrorized the other seals.
Fortunately for Jackie (photo below), she was outside the bully area.
But as the Elephant Seals retreated from the bully, Elston suddenly found himself surrounded on three sides by Elephant
Seals with a cliff on the fourth side.
Eventually the bully settled down, and as the Elephant Seals settled down for more napping, Elston removed himself from the
circle of Elephant Seals.
Somehow I have not been able to get worked up over Sea Lions. This time we went out to Cape Dolphin, a two and a half hour
drive each way. It was a beautiful sunny day, horrible for taking pictures. We could only go part way down the cliff because the
male Sea Lions can be very aggressive.
Below, several sea lion harems at Dolphin Point.
And finally, this is a Sea Lion we saw at Sea Lion Island patrolling the beach where Gentoo Penguins were landing. According
to locals, Sea Lions often wait and maliciously kill the penguins without eating them.