The Far Side Trip Begins
December 1, 2007
Our trip to the Far Side of Antarctica began on December 1, 2007 with a flight from Santiago to Mount Pleasant Airport in
the Falklands. There is just this one flight a week to the military airport in the Falklands. .A bus awaited us for the one hour
trip to Stanley to board our ship. On the way the driver stopped so we could see these rocks flowing down a gentle slope.
This is a phenomena unique to the Falklands. Neither moving water nor glaciers are responsible for this flow of rocks.
Rather, the freezing and unfreezing of the rocks causes them to breakup and gravity moves them to the sea.

After a zodiac trip from
Stanley, we boarded our ship.
Once underway, Jackie
donned her life jacket for the
life boat drill.

Up on the bridge, we listened
to one of the officers explain
our initial route to the Far
Side. Left below.

Passengers are permitted on
the massive bridge 24 hours
a day.
Our first destination was South Georgia, a
place we visited a year ago. Our first stop
was a landing on December 4 at  Salisbury
Plain in the morning and Fortuna Bay in the
afternoon. Salisbury Plain is the same King
Penguin colony we visited last year and it has
a population of half a million penguins. This
is the largest King Penguin colony in South
My favorite spot is on the beach watching the King Penguins come and go to the colony.