Davis Station and on to Perth
Our final stop in Antarctica was Davis Station.
Here Australians are researching the biology,
geology and glaciology of the Lambert-Amery region.
This is the home of a new atmospheric physics
program using laser technology to investigate the
Antarctic stratosphere.

The red things in the lower right corner of the picture
on the left are the life jackets we wore on the
helicopter in case of an emergency landing in water.

Water is severely limited at Davis Station with each
person limited to 50 litres of water a day for bathing,
cooking, consumption and all other uses.

Below is a picture of the station taken from the
helicopter. It was rather depressing walking around
the station as there is no plant life. It was truly a
moon scape.

Immediately upon returning to the ship, we were off to Perth. .

On our return to Perth we were treated to new species of birds. We encountered the Wandering Albatross as we
crossed the convergence zone. Note the double joint in the wing of the Albatross. The wingspread is nearly 10 feet
and live at sea indefinitely usually returning to land only for the purpose of making nests and raising chicks.
Finally, a couple pictures taken by Scott. That is me in the Tilley Hat and blue jacket on the bow of the ship with a
prion flying in front of me.
Jackie and me
on the pack ice.