The Kapitan Khlebnikov
The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a working icebreaker. For a few months each year it is made available to Quark for taking tourists
to Antarctica and the Arctic. The ship weighs 15,000 tons fully loaded. It is 132 meters long and 26.75 meters wide. It has a
fuel capacity of 3,300 tons. It carries extra propellers which can be changed at sea by shifting weight so the propellers rise
out of the water. The hull is 45mm thick where the hull meets the ice. In 2006, the Khlebnikov set a record for going further
south than any previous ship. Of the approximately 125 voyages made through the Northwest Passage,  more than 20%
were made by the Khlebnikov.

When we left the South Sandwich Islands we did not realize that it would be two weeks before we could go off the ship.
Helicopter flights were promised as a morale booster, but it was not until December 16 that weather was clear enough to
permit use of the helicopters for passenger flights as seen below.
Photo by Jackie
Photo by Jackie

Note second copter in the air.
Below, we land in Fast Ice on December 24 and for the first time walk off the ship. It is our first time off the ship in 17 days.
Fast Ice is ice attached to land.
Below, midnight in Antarctica.
On this trip, Jackie celebrated her 65th
birthday above and below. The picture
below was taken at 10 p.m.