March of the Adele
When the Khlebnikov was parked in the Fast Ice, the ship was 38 miles from the Adele colonies. The point where the
ship parked was where the Adele came out to start their 38 mile trek to the colony to feed their young. It was an
amazing place to be. The objective was a helicopter trip to Mawson, but while we waited our turn we walked on the ice
and the stern of the ship to observe their behaviour.
Watching the Adele rocket in and out of the water to and from the colonies was such an enjoyable experience.
I met this Adele on my walk on the Fast Ice to an iceberg. I stopped and started talking to him. Curious, he walked over
to me to get a good look at the only human he will probably ever see. I hope I did a good job of representing mankind
to him.
Salp. This creature
is several meters