Some OPP Members on Fresh Water Bay, July 26, 2009
Some of the paddlers at Friday's OPP paddle decided to paddle this Sunday morning at Fresh Water Bay as the forecast was
for calm weather. Waking up this morning, there was a beautiful sunrise on the Strait with Mount Baker in the background.
Yesterday the weather forecast was less optimistic, which was why I did not call or e-mail others to encourage them to come.
This morning about a dozen paddlers showed up and it looked good. However, once we turned the corner, the swells picked
up. I am proud of Jackie. Despite her issues with seasickness, she made it until about a mile from Tongue Point where we
turned around.
Coming back Jackie had an interesting experience. A baby seal came barking up to her kayak and tried to board her kayak.
Jackie loves the little critters but was not sure she wanted that kind of experience.
The neatest experience was when we turned back into Fresh Water Bay and encountered a jelly fish swimming in the water.
Jackie and I were piddling around looking at the jelly fish and big schools of small fish when the rest of the group appeared.
They had encountered more wind and decided to come back and paddle across Fresh Water Bay. We paddled to the other
side where we had a great lunch on the beach and then paddled back to the cars where Pam discovered that her keys had
mysteriously locked themselves in her car.