Gentoo Penguins
Falkland Islands
November 2009
Gentoo Penguins nest in colonies adjacent to sandy beaches at over 80 locations around the Falklands. There are
approximately 320,000 breeding Gentoo penguins pairs globally and 110,000 pair on the Falklands.

Two eggs of equal size are laid in late October, with birds re-laying if the first brood is lost. Chicks form into creches at 4
weeks of age, and fledge at 14 weeks in early February.

Adults generally forage close to shore within 12 miles of the breeding site.

Diet consists of roughly equal proportions of fish, squid and Lobster Krill found at depths of 60 to 300 feet.

The Falklands population suffered a decline during the 1980s and early 1990s, probably as a result of over-fishing, but
appears to have reached an equilibrium by 2002, albeit at a lower population level than prior to the onset of commercial

Gentoo penguin colonies were generally smaller than the rockhopper colonies. Below, a colony on Carcass Island..
Sitting on the beach watching Gentoo arrive and leave is a wonderful experience.
When the Gentoo arrive at the beach they primp and nap before going on to the colony which is generally not that far away.
Having just completed an exhausting fishing voyage, they can be forgiven for napping before joining their mates at the colony.
Below, a curious Gentoo checks out a strange human.