Ger Camps
The Ger camps were all in lovely settings, usually with nothing else around except herds of goats, Gers, or horses and the Big
Blue Sky of Mongolia.
When we arrived at a camp, some of the staff would come out to greet us and carry our bags to our Ger. When we left, they
would come out and wait for us to leave, waving at us as with smiles as we left. These are some of the members of the
welcoming committees and farewell committees that we met along the way.
It is customary in Mongolia to sprinkle milk on the ground for the departing ones
to give them good luck on their trip. The woman in blue is one of those who gave
us such a farewell. It must have worked, as we had a safe trip.
At this camp, the lady at the right set me up for some archery
practice where I managed to hit the yak skin.

At another camp, Jackie and I dressed in traditional Mongolian
outfits provided by the camp.
This same camp also offered to bring in a Mongolian group to perform traditional music and acrobatics for us. For $5 each,
we watch our own private performance including well performed throat music by the young man in the picture.
This is the manager
of the camp that
dressed us up and
brought in the
performers for us
(left). Her daughter
will be going to
college in
Ulaanbaatar this fall.
Two moreTourist Ger Camps