2006 Port Ludlow Hiking Group Getaway
The  2006 Port Ludlow Getaway was centered at the Freestone Inn in Mazama, Washington. We are grateful to Dick and Heather Ullmann for
planning this lovely event and to
Mike Porter for organizing the hikes in the eastern Cascades. We had three full days of hiking, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thusday, September 19 to 21.
The first day's hike was to Maple Pass. The hike began on the
Pacific Crest Trail. Normally, one could expect spectacular
views, but instead we experienced fog on our hike to the top.  
Fall had only just begun to show its colors. The larch trees only had a tinge of yellow and the reds on the ground were just beginning to show.
On the way down, the fog lifted just enough to give us an
idea of what the views might be. We also saw grouse,
pika, and marmots.
On the second day, there was a change of plans for our group as it was raining in
the high mountains, so we hiked to
Goat Peak. We managed to avoid the rain on
this trail, and here the larches demonstrated more of the fall yellow coloring.
On our last day, we did the Cutthroat hike which took place on a part of the Pacific
Crest Trail. The precipitation was still in the area so we had rain and snow. The
views were limited as was the size of our group which included Mike, Dave, Jackie
and me. Lunch took place on this peak (below).
Lunch at the top was short. Just as we finished, Carol's group
arrived from the other side. After the hike we got in our car and
returned to Port Angeles.

While it would have been nice to experience sun and distant
views, fog, clouds, rain, and snow give a different perspective to
the Cascades.