Glacier Bay Continued
The third day in Glacier Bay, we paddled Hugh Miller Inlet. As we prepared to launch our kayaks, a sharp eyed participant
noticed a grizzly on shore.
For more than two miles, the bear
walked along the shore as we paddled
next to him.

At one point, he swam across the inlet
at a narrow point in front of our kayaks.
Eventually the grizzly tired of our company and disappeared into the woods. Below, I continue to paddle down the inlet. This
was a special inlet to paddle as no motorized boats are permitted in this inlet.
Below, Jackie paddles back to Lamplugh Glacier.
Below, we got out to stretch our legs and take a closer look at Lamplugh Glacier. We were not far from the mother ship now
which was just the other side of this glacier. To our surprise, the wind off the glacier was quite strong and gave us a bit of a
challenge returning to the mother ship.
From Glacier Bay, we went up Icy Strait to Juneau. Just
outside Juneau we saw Orcas.
In Juneau we did some of the usual stuff such as visit
Mendenhall Glacier.
We stopped at the Governor's mansion (below) to pay
her our respects, but they told us the Governor was
away for Memorial Day Weekend, (We heard lots of
helicopters so maybe she had gone hunting for wolves.
This was our second trip on the Home Shore. A spectacular trip. If you are interested, click the link below.

Due to the economic situation, Jim Kyle plans to go commercial fishing in 2010, but hopefully he will offer trips in 2011.