One evening as we
arrived at the Ger camp,
a motorcycle rode up
behind us. To my
surprise, the two riders
were young boys. The
youngest boy jumped off
the cycle with a
cardboard box and rolled
out a cloth where he
placed various souvenirs
of Mongolia including
small Ger tents. I was so
charmed that I
immediately offered to
buy a couple items from
the young fellow.
The villages in the Gobi were small. The residents were
colorful (something they probably said to each other
about me).
Right. The diesel pump was an old style Russian hand
crank pump which the attendant used to fill up our driver's
In the middle of nowhere in the Gobi, we encountered these
statutes from a civilization more than a thousand years ago.
Gobi III
A baby camel head poked its head
through the door of our restaurant. Dr.
Doolittle jumped out of her chair,
grabbed some sugar cubes off the
table, and ran out to feed the little