Our trip to Peloponnese took us across the five mile canal which was built in 1893 and originally conceived by the
ancient Romans. Going down to the Penninsula we crossed the high bridge in the picture at the left and did not even
see the canal. Coming back we came through Isthmia where we crossed this submerisible bridge which is lowered for
boats to cross. Modern ships are too big to use the canal.
The Peloponnese has more ruins than any other part of Greece. We began our ventures on the Penninsula at ancient
Corinth where the Apostle Paul preached to no avail for 18 months against the many earthly pleasures of the
Corinthians. The most impressive structure at Corinth was a medieval fort high on the hill above Corinth.
One of my favorite places on the Peninsula was Olympia, site of the original Olympic games. The games began 1100
years before Christ and continued in Olympia for more than a thousand years. The games had great religious
significance so that there were numerous temples at this location. The site and museum were refurbished very nicely for
the Olympic games in 2004.

Jackie is standing at the entrance to the original stadium. The second picture looks back across the stadium to the
entrance. Most people sat on the grassy slopes where up to 20,000 people gathered to watch the games.
The ruins at Olympia and other sites have been impacted by wars and substantial earthquakes among other things. In
the picture at the left you can see pieces of pillar. After visiting the site of the Olympics we waited for a few minutes for
the museum to open. As we looked down at an olive orchard we suddenly saw a shepherd and her sheep appear. We
saw many sheep and goat herders--most of them elderly men and women. Any unfenced plot of land is avilable for
grazing the flock.
From Olympia we made our way to Bassee to see the second best preserved temple in Greece. Fate was against us.
We drove higher and higher taking a narrow road with significant drops. Snow appeared finally getting so high that our
car drug its bottom on the snow as it had not been plowed. When we began to slip on ice, we decided it was time to turn
around but had to proceed further to a place barely wide enough to turn our short little car around.

We then went on to Mystra, another medieval fort. We started at the bottom and walked up steps to the top stopping at
many ruins including this still active monastery. The view from the top gives you an idea of the security that was
afforded by building these castles at the top of steep mountains.
The museums at Olympia were terrific. I can only
show a few of the many terrific items that we saw