Northern Greenland Dog Sled and Camping Trip
with Elston and Jackie Hill
April 2011
This is the home page for our trip to northern Greenland with WANT Expeditions.

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About the Trip

This was a terrific trip, and we wish to thanks Jessica and WANT Expeditions for making it possible.

Greenland is not an easy place to reach. To get there, one needs to go through either Copenhagen or Iceland.

In all, we boarded ten planes for our round trip to Qaanaaq which is on the west side of northern Greenland.

It was cold. Very cold. Temperatures remained mostly near zero and went at least as low as minus 14 Fahrenheit. We brought
a full suit case of clothes and wore everything we brought constantly for six days and five nights. No one bathed at these
temperatures, but none of the group of eleven complained that this was a hardship.

We mostly sat on the sleds. I was afraid to do anything that required too much effort as it would create sweat and moisture in
my clothes. Despite not being very active, we slept hard each night for ten to eleven hours. Twenty four hours of daylight did
nothing to distract us from our sleep.

This ranks up with our Arctic Paddle trips as the most over the top adventures we have experienced. We highly recommend
the trip.