The Dogs
Each dog wears a harness 24 hours a day. A rope is tied to the harness. The other end of the rope contains a loop. These
loops are all tied together to a rope on the sled. Naturally, the ropes get somewhat tangled as the day goes by so that the
driver must sometimes untangle the ropes by untying the loops that are tied to the sled.
The dogs were their most energized the first day and were somewhat slower by day six.
Within moments of stopping for a rest stop, the dogs were in rest position.
The most important event of the day for the dogs was feeding time which occurred after camp was set up.
When a dog team's driver started preparing the meat for feeding, the dogs would go into a barking frenzy straining at their
Mostly, the dogs slept when off duty from their exhausting work.
Below, getting hair trimmed.
While the sun never really set, it did get into a sunset mode at 2:00 a.m.  The sun completely circled the horizon and never got
very high. It did get just high enough to have an impact on the snow, so we waited until 11:00 a.m. to start every morning so
that the ground would be softer on the dogs feet.