The Hunter/Sled Drivers
The men who took us on this trip make their living hunting and fishing. For this trip, one of the requirements was that they
could not kill any prey. At one point when we saw some seals, one of the hunters pleaded, "I am hungry!"

They believe they are victims as quotas have been imposed on their hunting.

Most of the hunters wore Polar Bear skin pants which are incredibly warm. My guide is second from the left in this picture.
This is my guide cutting and eating frozen raw fish (everything that does not breathe is frozen).
The drivers cut icebergs (formerly glaciers) into pieces to boil for our drinking water--glacier water!
All the drivers had cell phones. If we came in the vicinity of a village, the cell phones came out.
The last night on the ice, the men built an igloo for us using conventional hand saws and shovels.
The next morning Jackie took Flat Stanely into the igloo.
In addition to showing us how to build an igloo, the drivers also demonstrated how to shoot a seal which  Jackie readily learned.