We camped five nights on the ice. Four nights there was escape for those who found it too cold. Below, a small one room
hunters' hut. Jackie and I spent all five nights in the tent. One night I freaked out Jackie by pointing out the blue light shining up
through the ice floor of our tent.
So that we could sleep together, Jackie changed her driver/hunter at night. At night we had the two youngest hunters, a 22
and a 21 year old. They were amazing the way they put up and took down the tent. When we fumbled setting out our sleeping
bags, they did it for us and rolled them up the next morning. I woke up in the morning to find my boots tied to the tent top
where they would warm up and dry out better. They made sure we had hot water.  They were awesome and wonderful.
Looking down at the campsite and a hunters cabin.
My guide giving Jackie hot water.
This was my outfit. Below the waist, three layers of smart wool, two layers of fleece, and snow pants. They never came off the
whole trip. Above the waist I had several layers including two down jackets which came off occasionally at night. Otherwise, I
remained fully dressed for six days sleeping on top of my sleeping bag at night.
Hunters' Shack.
Jackie and Martin.
Every day was a bad hair day. My breath collected on my hair and then froze it like twigs which then easily snapped.
A fox eating some carcass leftovers.
Our drivers took us more than a two day drive from Qaanaaq to find open water. There we saw some seal as well as a walrus
too far to photograph.
Polar Bear tracks.
Tom. The only participant with a bomb proof outfit for the six days on the ice.
Fox tracks.
Camping on Greenland Ice
Polar Bear Tracks