Day 6 and 7
Chilkat Eagle Reserve
Day 6 was wet and foggy.
To our delight, we found the friendly eagle again.
There was a sad event. Someone had shot a mother grizzly bear and left the carcass on the flats. Her twin cubs came by to
check on her. The rangers were trying to figure out what to do with them. There are no zoos with openings for grizzly bears,
so the choice may narrow down to letting them fend for themselves, a big challenge, or shooting them.
The coolest event this day was watching a couple of eagles eat on limbs above us. Once a fish has been eaten into
multiple pieces, the eagles often fly off with parts of the fish to a place where they are less vulnerable to theft.
There was still plenty of conflict.
Day 7 saw the return of the sun, at least for awhile in the morning.
Curiously, by about 11 am the viewing petered out for the day. The eagles suddenly seemed disinterested in eating. This
particular salmon came up and did everything he could to get their attention, all to no avail. He was ignored.
Finally, Jackie did find some eagles eating scraps of salmon left by the grizzlies who come down to the river at night when
the humans are not around.
A lone immature eagle sat on the bank looking all forlorn.
Once again, night came early. The sun set on the mountains along the Lynne Canal. Day eight we would take the ferry
back to Juneau.