Port Angeles Harbor
August, 2006
In anticipation of our trip to the Broken Islands, Jackie and I paddled in Port Angeles Harbor in August 2006. We were surprised at
the quantity of wildlife in the harbor. Seals greeted us as we arrived  (beow) and then followed Jackie the pied piper about.
We saw tens of thousands of sea gulls. If we
paddled too close to the logs gathered to be
placed on barges, the seagulls would take off.
Cormorants sat on the piers and a great blue
heron sat on a log among the sea gulls. Not
photographed were a bald eagle and some
Port Angeles, the deepest natural
water port in the US, is also a popular
destination for oil tankers needed to be
This was Fogust, so there was plenty of fog. The bridge and stern of the tanker above resided in the fog. With 9/11 rules in mind,
we did not paddle too close to the tanker.