Quebec City


Snowy Owls in Vancouver
I have always wanted to visit Quebec City in winter. So, our trip to see the Harp Seals was the perfect opportunity to spend four
nights and three days in this historic city.  Québec was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. From the top of its
imposing ramparts down to the mighty St. Lawrence, Québec City is the only fortified city north of Mexico.
We so loved the French Food. In three days we had crepes six times!
The people of Quebec are amazing at how fast they clean up the snow. There was a snow storm one night, and the next
morning the streets were all cleared.

A lot of people are employed to shovel snow off roof tops. This woman is shoveling snow off the top of a four story building.
Quebec City is also the site of one of two ice hotels in the world. (The other hotel is in Sweden.)
The bar in the ice hotel.
The Lobby.
A bedroom.
Jackie goes down the ice slide. Ask her about that experience.
And finally.

On our way back we stayed over night in Vancouver. The next morning we went down to the Fraser River delta to observe the
snowy owls.
We had a great trip.