Coming Home
From Dawson, we drove to Whitehorse where we stayed a night again with Mary and Allon.  From there we headed south on
Highway 37, a very remote highway. The highway is all paved, but the first three hundred miles is so windy and narrow that
there are no center lines on the highway. Fortunately, there is little traffic on the northern part of this highway.
At the southern end of highway 37, we drove west to the town of Stewart which is adjacent to Hyder Alaska. On the outskirts of
Stewart we saw this glacier with a river pouring out of the bottom.
Water falls surged down the steep valley cliffs.
At Stewart we crossed over into Hyder. It was like driving into a third world country. On the Canadian side, the roads were
nicely paved. The moment we crossed the border into Alaska, it was all gravel and big potholes. This is such a remote and
uninviting place that the US does not even have a border control or immigration inspection at the border.

Five miles north of Hyder is a bear platform that is staffed by the National Forest Service where we watched a mother and her
cub fish for salmon..
Baby was quite good at catching salmon.
Mama and baby were so full that they indulged in some catch and release and roamed from the river to the shore to eat
berries and other vegetation.
Eventually mama and baby wandered on down the river and out of sight.