OPP Paddle
Hood Canal Bridge Construction
Hood's Head Dragon
Jory Kahn leader
May 9, 2009
The drive over to the Hood Canal Bridge was eerie once we hit Highway 104. There was no traffic due to the bridge closure.

The paddle began on the east side a little north of the bridge at Shine State Park. According to the WSDOT site, this area is
closed for use as a staging area, but Cecil led us on a secret back road to the park where we launched. Note the missing west
truss in the picture below.
It was somewhat windy, but we decided to go out to Hood's Head. Fortunately, we were well protected and everyone was
comfortable with the paddle.
This is where we had our spooky experience, an encounter with a dragon. Our fearless leader, Jory, paddled up to the dragon.
David got out and stared
speechless at the dragon.
Eventually the whole group summoned the courage to approach the dragon.
Coming back around Hood's Head, we had a good view of the west side of the bridge with the missing truss.
Looking across the Hood Canal, we could see portions of the east side of the bridge being removed and towed away.
With the very low tide, we had lots of great blue
heron which Jory enjoyed.
And finally, a bonus picture taken last night from our house. Two coast guard boats escorting a missile submarine out the
Strait of Juan de Fuca. The submarine is assisted by two boats. We saw these two assisting boats coming back into the Hood
Canal today as we finished our paddle at about 1:30 p.m.