Storm 2006
While we were cruising Antarctica, we were oblivious to a series of storms that were hitting Western Washington and our home.

The first storm brought a tree down with a direct hit on the playhouse.
The winds were
soon followed by

And the snow just

Fortunately, our
friends Kathy and
Sara were taking
good care of our
The combination of wind and snow kept bringing more trees down, one of them onto our garage. Kathe Smith and Sara Blake
called a tree remover who came out and cut up and removed the trees from the garage and the playhouse. He also patched three
holes in the roof. Allstate had authorized a tarp, but there was too much snow for a tarp.
All of the snow on the roof eventually went cascading down
in awesome crashes piling snow up high in front of doors
and windows.

In the picture below, Kathy is assisted by Bill and Lavonne  
Mueller in removing snow from the deck.
During each of the first two storms, the house lost electricity. We arrived home at night to a scene of chaos. Kathe and Sara were
there when we arrived. A path just wide enough for our car had been dug through the snow in front of the garage. There were
limbs and branches everywhere and a number of trees had crashed around our place.

We are lucky. The inside of the house is fine. Temporary repairs will keep the roof from leaking until late spring when the roofer
will repair the garage roof. We had another storm after arriving home. The trees shook violently and there were more limbs all
over and we lost electricity for 12 hours. But we were fortunate. There was no more damage to the house and we had been gone
for the worst part of the storms. We are hoping that the rest of the winter will be more benign.

Had Kathe and Sara not been in our house, we would not have made it up the driveway as several trees fell across the driveway
while we were gone and the damage would have been much more substantial.

We are grateful to Kathe and Sara as well as Bill and Lavonne for keeping the place in together while we were gone.