Icebergs in Antarctica are huge. We saw many icebergs that were miles long. Typically, these bergs range from 80 to 100 feet high
above sea level (with another 900 feet below sea level).

The biggest iceberg we stood on was B15-K. This iceberg is 40 miles long by 6 miles wide. This iceberg was orginally part of B15-A, a
two hundred mile by 50 mile iceberg which broke off the Ross ice shelf in 2001. B15-K brought off from B-15-A in December 2003.
After disembarking from the helicopter, Jackie and I stopped to have our picture taken on
B15-K (below left) before walking over to the ice bar where staff served champagne.
Icebergs tended to be grounded in shallow water near the coast. Sometimes we would sail along side icebergs for hours.