Jackline Hill's Sunrise Hike to Hurricane Hill
Nine Days after Major Surgery
October 7, 2009
Nine days after having her gall bladder and appendix removed, Jackie hiked to Hurricane Hill. This is a 3.2 mile (round trip)
paved trail that gains 700 feet along the way, not bad for someone who just had major surgery!

When Jackie came out to the kitchen this morning, she mumbled something to the effect that there was no need to get up in the
dark. Hurricane Hill would be there all day. But as usual, Father Knows Best, and she was soon rewarded with a spectacular
Looking across at Mount Olympus.
With all that beauty, Jackie could
hardly think about that pain in her
abdomen and she grabbed out her
camera to take some pictures..
Hiking above the clouds, we saw a fascinating phenomena, a circular rainbow on the top of the clouds.
Below, Jackie arrives at the top of Hurricane Hill and puts her hand on her stomach, something she does frequently.
We did not see
much wildlife.
Winter is almost
here, and soon
the road to
Hurricane Hill will
be closed and
covered. The
markers for the
snow plows have
been strategically
placed along the
road to Hurricane
Ridge. The road
to Obstruction
Point is still open,
but soon it too will
be closed.