Below, Bruce and a lady give the handicapped person a helping hand returning from his third plunge.
Polar Plunge with Jackie

January 1, 2012
This morning we arrived at Hollywood Beach at 9:25 a.m. for the
10 a.m. polar plunge. To our surprise, we were early and  there
were very few people at the beach.

Water temperature: 44 degress.

Air temperature: 39 degrees.

Jackie walked down to the beach to check things out.

She had previously said she would not do the plunge if there
was seaweed. Walking down to the beach, it was obvious that
there was lots of seaweed on the beach and in the water. But
now it did not bother her so much.
Soon, more participants
began to arrive.

At the far right, looking
like a pervert, was our
good friend Bruce. This
is his 12th year doing
the polar plunge. Pretty
good for a boy from
Soon, Jackie's manager, Dianne showed up with a thermos of hot
water to pour on Jackie after the plunge.

Below, Kathy Carson
Jackie was so charged up for this event that she disrobed a full ten minutes before the plunge. Note the green seaweed.
A few minutes before paddle time, our paddling friends from the Olympic Peninsula Paddlers showed up. They paddled from
Paddle Park on Ediz Hook. This morning the tide was very high and waves swamped several of the kayakers as they put in.
Right, Kathy dons Bruce's rain coat.

This man (below) was amazing. Despite being handicapped, he also
participated in the plunge.
Suddenly it was 10:00 a.m. Time to take the plunge. That is Jackie in the blue suit.
She went in as far as her neck. Had to keep that white hat dry.
No, it was not over. Participants go in three times!
Curiously, I noticed that the women went in at one side of the beach that has less seaweed, and the guys were on the other
Following the plunge, Dianne poured warm water on Jackie.
Even a certificate!
Hand warmers from Sandra Howard (below right).
Not bad for a 69 year old!
I am the lucky guy married to this energetic and spirited lady!
Another view of the plunge sent to me by Rich DeCou.  Note all the seaweed!