Jackie's big adventure
One of Jackie's several adventures was this bridge which was built approximately one hundred years ago. Several
decades ago a more modern bridge was built up river and this suspension bridge was abandoned. In the US it would
have been destroyed as a hazard, but that is the wonder of South America. One can still walk across this bridge. In
some places the boards are completely gone, replaced by some limbs crudely wired to the bridge.
Our bus brought us up a one way road with steep drops to let us out to cross the bridge. As we walked across the
bridge, I took a picture of our bus going back up that road so that it could drive down the new road and meet us on the
other side.
That night we stayed at the best hotel in Sucre. This is the hotel where the President stays when he comes to this
capital city. La Paz is now the de facto capital of Bolivia, but the Supreme Court and some government functions still
reside in Sucre. To our pleasant surprise, we were given the President's suite, which was actually fitting for someone
recognized as Jesus in other parts of the world.