Some People Pictures in Japan
Wearing masks for germs is a common practice in Japan, particularly among young people. Well over half the people on subway
trains indulge in their smart phones. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Japanese males have much longer hair than their
American and European counterparts.
Taking a food order at a Japanese fast food restaurant.
Our wonderful friend Eiko gave us a wonderful two day tour of the Tokyo area when we arrived in Japan.
Eiko (right) with her sister on the subway.
Jackie flirting with one of the locals in the Tokyo subway station.
The next photos were taken in the town of Narita near the Narita airport. A great place to visit if you are stuck at the airport when you
arrive or leave Japan.
Slicing live eels for the barbecue above.
When it comes to service friendliness and helpfulness, I have never experienced anything like the service we experienced in Japan.
Remember when we had stewardesses, not flight attendants. They were all young, attentive, beautiful and perfectly dressed in
uniform? Flying in Asia you will feel like you have been transferred back five decades to the time of the stewardess.