A little other wildlife in Japan
We had plenty of snow in the north.
To our surprise, we saw huge herds of deer in the north.
We saw significant numbers of birds on this trip. Most were too far away to get a photo--afterall, this was a birding tour. For birders,
all that is important is to see a bird. Not up close. Not in good light. This Copper Pheasant  was far away in the brush. The lens would
only focus on the branches in between. I finally got this photo manually holding my long lens and manually focusing the lens.
Likewise, the green pheasant were uncooperative--moving fast and never coming close.
A flying squirrel peaks out of a nesting box built for it in a forest.
We encountered huge flocks of cranes with up to six species at Arasaki.
Blackstone Fish Owl, world's largest owl, at night in Hokkaido.
Pacific Loon
Slaty-backed Gull
The End.

We hope you enjoyed the trip. For more birds, go to our web page and check out our trips to Ecuador, Colombia, and Churchill last
year. Or, our trip to Bhutan in 2013.
Crows are everywhere in Japan.