Steller's Sea Eagle
The Steller's sea eagle is a large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. It is an eagle that lives in coastal northeastern Asia and
mainly preys on fish and water birds. On average, it is the heaviest eagle in the world, at about 11 to 20 lb, The wingspan is from 6 ft
5 inches to 8 ft 2 inches The Steller's sea eagle's wingspan is one of the largest of any living eagle.  Steller's sea eagle breeds on
the Kamchatka Peninsula, the coastal area around the Sea of Okhotsk, the lower reaches of the Amur River and on northern
Sakhalin and the Shantar Islands, Russia. The majority of birds winter farther south, in the southern Kuril Islands, Russia and
Hokkaidō, Japan, which is where we viewed them on the pack ice from a boat.
An ice breaker cuts a path for the fishing boats through the pack ice.
And some white-tailed eagles as well.
Tossing fish to eagles.