Hiking with our friends, John and Claudia Murphy
This hike took place in a state park just outside of Littleton, Colorado, May 12, 2008 in the foothills of the Rockies. Our
friend John Murphy reads the information sign at the beginning of a loop trail.
This area just west of Denver is
rather dry. However, there was
lots of wildlife including a number
of species of birds.
Despite temperatures in the
low seventies, the intense
sun and dry air made a drink
of water refreshing.

Claudia was Jackie's room
mate in nursing school.

Below, these are typical
formations on the eastern
side of the Rockies.
Jackie, Claudia, and John looking at
Spring is late in Colorado
this year, so most trees
were still bare of leaves.
The magpie is one we saw a couple
days earlier hiking not far from John
and Claudia's home in Littleton, CO.