July 31 to August 2, 2009
Upon arriving in Anchorage, we drove our rental car down the Kenai Peninsula to Homer to our lodging at the Good Karma
Inn where we looked across the Bay at this Glacier.
The next morning our
host recommended that
we rent a water taxi at
the spit and go across
to hike to the glacier.

It was a delightful hike
with bear scratched
trees and very fresh
bear scat but no bear
on the trail.
The best part of the ride back was a stop at Gull Rock.
Every available space
was covered with
nesting birds.
We were dumb
struck by our
unscheduled stop at
Gull Rock. We did
not realize that this
was but a small and
very modest preview
to greater things to
There were cormorants, common murres, kitti wakes, tufted puffins and horned puffins.